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Contact Information:

Dynamic Equilibrium
309 Oakwood Court
Youngsville, NC 27596

Phone: 919-562-1548

Nancy Toner Weinberger



Nancy Toner Weinberger

& Healing Arts Practitioner

Nancy has been a licensed massage therapist since 1976 and a certified Trager® Practitioner since 1985. She holds a BS in Psychology and an AS in Biology and Physics. Her ongoing studies in health , well-being, and metaphysics bring her fulfillment which is expressed in her life and in her work with clients.

A master of the mind-body connection, she uses breath, imagination, intuition, energetic perception, receptivity and compassion to connect with her clients and help them dissolve physical , emotional, mental, and energetic patterns that bring pain, stress and dissatisfaction in life.

Your reason for booking a session could be as simple as learning how to relax, or as complex as a chronic illness– she has the knowledge and skill to help.

Private Practice Information

•Relief from pain.
•Relief from stress.
•Assistance managing your chronic health condition.
•Assistance recovering from injury or illness.
•An opportunity to embrace a lifestyle that brings happiness, vitality and longevity.
•Patience and persistence produce results that last.



Freedom Bodywork®
Restrictions and patterns of tension in the body melt away through a process of attention, receptivity, and the discovery of pleasurable sensation in the body. Rocking, shimmers, compressions and more are all orchestrated to bring a delicious and lasting sense of freedom and wholeness. Fascial restrictions melt away to resulting in long-lasting or permanent changes in the structure and function of the body/mind. Client wears full coverage underwear or bathing suit, or may be more fully clothed if preferred. Most of the session takes place on the massage table, but movement awareness in standing position is usually also part of each session. Standard session length– 1 1/4 hour ($125).

Trager® (hands-on and instructional repatterning at the level of the unconscious mind, which manifests as the physical body) Click for more information.

This structured medical massage protocol from Germany is particularly useful for difficult to treat conditions, including most inflammatory conditions, adhesions, menstrual problems, frozen shoulder, blood pressure, migraines, sinus conditions, et Al. Treatments engage the reflexes of the connective tissue and the autonomic nervous system to bring on powerful healing responses in the body. All treatments begin at the sacrum, with the client in a seated position; the client wears underwear and a hospital gown. Sessions need to be at least twice a week when beginning a treatment series and are of graduated time lengths. The number of sessions is determined by the physical problem to be addressed and the client's tolerance of the work. Please call to discuss your health needs. There is more information about Bindegewebsmassage on the teaching page: click here.

Transitions Breathwork uses the breath to dissolve unwanted current life patterns rooted in the past. It deals with birth trauma, childhood behavior, negative beliefs, health, prosperity, longevity, and more. Transitions Breathwork may be used as an adjunct to psychotherapy, or on its own. It is particularly helpful during life transitions. Individual breathing sessions are usually done in a series of 10 sessions, 1 to 2 weeks apart, so that life changes can be integrated. After 4 sessions the client may rebirth in a hot tub for added intensity. A typical session is about 2 hours in length, including time for talking, listening, the breathing itself (an hour or more), and grounding. The presence of the Breathworker and the nature of the breathwork process itself, allow for an experience that is nurturing and 100% safe. Click for more information.

Dynamic Energy Balancing® is a technique for working with your aura, the non-physical source of the organizational pattern of every human being. Done hands-off or with a light touch, the client wears street clothes and may sit or lie on a massage table. Recommended session length– 45 minutes ($75).

Working in water can be effective in ways that normal gravity does not allow. We can experience lightness and freedom. We came into this life from an aqueous environment and can find memories of peace in the water. Call for more information. Heated pool at the Youngsville home office and pool work available at Rex Wellness, Wakefield.


• Your personal investment: $75 for 45 minutes or less, and $25 for each additional quarter hour.

45 minutes or less: $75
One hour: $100
One and a quarter hour: $125
One and a half hour: $150
Up to two hours: $200 (non-hands on work only)

• Special Pricing for Freedom Bodywork® or Trager®: Book 4 sessions (1 1/4 hours each) one to two weeks apart and receive a private half hour lesson in self-care and free tution to one Mentastics® class.. The purpose of this offer is to enable you to make rapid improvement through the accumulation of healthy new body patterns.

• Special Pricing for Transitions Breathwork: Series of 10 sessions: $1,500. (must be paid in full by the end of the second session–save $500, but NO REFUNDS for any reason, period!)

Sessions are available by appointment in the Youngsville Home Office:

Nancy's home office in Youngsville: Approximately 35 minutes north of Raleigh, 40 minutes east of Durham, and 55 minutes northeast of Chapel Hill. Address- 309 Oakwood Court, Youngsville, NC 27596

Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice required or you must pay half the cost of the time booked. One exception is allowed per year.


309 Oakwood Ct.